About Us

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We partner with corporations, community groups and individuals to develop instructional yoga programs which promote and provide education about health and wellness.

Yoga provides individuals with tools to proactively reduce stress, enhance focus, increase productivity and eliminate tension thereby improving overall health.

Why Yoga…

Yoga is a 5,000+year old discipline which promotes health and wellness by combining a specific sequence of asanas (yoga poses) and proper diaphragmatic breathing. This combination triggers the body’s “relaxation response,” which helps to bring the body into balance, reducing muscle tension and deactivating the stress response.

Yoga improves strength, flexibility, coordination, circulation and posture. Practicing yoga reduces levels of cortisol, often called the “stress hormone.” Cortisol levels can drop significantly beginning with the first yoga class.

Because yoga works with all facets of the mind and body, classes can be customized to target specific physical conditions such as lower back pain and mental conditions including anxiety.